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Pest-Off Pest Control Is a local company based in the heart of Sherman Texas specializing in all aspects of pest control associated with pests or termites. We service all of Grayson and Collin counties as well as Sherman, Pottsboro and Denison. We have the necessary endorsements, training and licenses to take care of all your pest problems. Our Texoma pest control services company can work with your schedule to make your home a safe place for you and your family. We know from firsthand experience about bugs and insects in and around homes and business. We make it our goal to make you a happy customer and keep away crawling things that need to stay away. Whether it’s commercial or residential pest control concerns, we are one call away so please don’t hesitate. Let’s get you scheduled for service today so you’ll have the peace of mind that everyone deserves at home or work.

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What do I do if I see winged insects that look like termites? - Pest Off Pest Control based in Sherman Texas

What do I do if I see winged insects that look like termites?

Don’t panic yet. There are ants that start new colonies in a similar manner as termites, so there’s a chance you left the window open and a few winged ants flew in by mistake. Winged ants look a lot like winged termites. Here are three big differences in these critters:

  • A termite’s rear wings (they have two sets) are the same length as their front wings. In flying ants, the rear wings are smaller than the front wings.
  • Termites have wide waists, but ants have wasp waist indentations below their second set of wings.
  • Termites have straight, beaded antennae, where ants have antennae with elbows and jointed bends.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control - Pest Off

Commercial buildings have a lot more variation depending on the business involved (food service, healthcare, retail, etc.) and commercial pest control companies have the experience to create custom treatment plans to account for those variations.

Because commercial pest control companies have more experience working with custom environments, they also have more experience with offering long term preventative measures. Sometimes a businesses’ building is more susceptible to pests because of its location or other residents. Those types of uncontrollable factors are taken into account by commercial pest control companies. They can offer you long term preventative solutions, such as preventative traps in and around the building.

Businesses are less likely to get bedbugs, but they’re more likely to Pest Offs like rats and cockroaches, because it’s more common to have a commercial building closer to environments (for instance, abandoned property) where those types of creatures thrive. You want to make sure you choose a company that specializes in the type of pest that’s bothering you.


Household Pest Control

Household Pest Control - Pest Off - Sherman Texas Pest Control

The homes most of us live in are fundamentally very similar to each other. That means that the pest control problem encountered by the typical homeowner tend to be similar, as well. Most pest problems found in homes can be solved using the same couple approaches every time.

Most often, homes tend to attract similar certain varieties of pests that thrive on the day to day life that goes on inside. You’re more likely to find ants, bedbugs, and termites inside of residential homes because they more commonly contain the fabric-heavy environments they prefer. While you won’t need a commercial pest control company for the typical home pest extermination, treatment and management needs, a company that offers commercial pest treatment services will have a much broader range of experience and be more likely to find more innovative solutions than the company that only provides home pest control services.


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