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Affordable Mosquito Control Services in North Texas - Pest

Mosquito Control Services Company

Mosquito Control
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Pest Off offers affordable, effective mosquito control services for both residential and commercial clients so you can enjoy being outside again. Tired of fighting off mosquitoes in your backyard? Want to enjoy your deck again? Do you operate a restaurant that features outdoor patio dining where mosquitos make it impossible for your customers to enjoy a meal? Call Pest Off today and let’s talk about mosquito control solutions to fit your specific needs.

Mosquito Control Solutions Your Home or Business

Pest Off technicians have the experience you need to protect your family or business and control the mosquito population on your residential or commercial property. Besides the annoyance that mosquitos cause, mosquito transmitted diseases are a real public health risk. Adult females may transmit disease including filariasis, yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever, and several other forms of encephalitis. Saliva, injected by females while feeding on blood causes itching. Some of the most common mosquitoes in Texas include the Asian tiger mosquito, southern house mosquito, eastern saltmarsh mosquito, and several others. Whatever the mosquito-critter you have, Pest Off has the answer.

Pest Off’s 4-Step Mosquito Control Solution

Step 1: Comprehensive Mosquito Inspection

Pest Off will conduct a detailed site inspection and identify the areas that are vulnerable to mosquito breeding. These areas include standing water, leaks or clogged drains, and low laying areas.

Step 2: Create an Unfriendly Mosquito Environment

We work with you to identify ways you can help eliminate or minimize potential mosquito breeding grounds, from a more frequent gutter-cleaning schedule to removal and prevention of standing water.

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Adult mosquitoes often prefer to rest on weeds and other vegetation. By reducing the areas where they can find shelter, the adult mosquito population will also be reduced. This can include removing leaves, trimming weeds around your property, mosquito spraying, and managing the vegetation to reduce the mosquito population around your home or business. Depending on the flowers, trees, plants, and shrubs you grow, the pest problems will differ for each home. Because of this, many mosquito problems that trouble business and homeowners cannot be eliminated through individual efforts, but instead, must be managed through an organized effort, which include permanent and temporary mosquito control solutions.

Step 3: Initial Mosquito Control Service Application

At Pest Off we prefer preventive methods to chemical control; however, we may apply a control product using targeted applicators. We will apply mosquito spraying products, via our high powered fogging unit, to the areas where mosquitoes live and breed. This includes landscape areas, areas along your fence, and around patio or deck areas. We will move items such as dog bowls and kids’ toys so they don’t come in contact with the product being sprayed.

Step 4: Monitor & Prevention

We’ll continuously look for areas where mosquitos might breed and we will make recommendations for prevention.

Call Pest Off Today: A Mosquito Control Services Company with a Plan!

Pest Off is a fully licensed and insured Sherman, Texas based pest control services company. We offer professional mosquito control services and maintenance programs for our Texomaland residential and commercial clients. Our staff receives ongoing training to keep up with the industry’s best practices for the safe removal of mosquitoes from your home or business. When you contact us to get rid of mosquitoes, your satisfaction is our guarantee! If you are looking for a quality Texoma-area mosquito exterminator, you’ve come to the right place! Call (903) 814-5002 today!

Affordable Mosquito Control Services in North Texas

What attracts mosquitoes to your yard?

  • Female mosquitoes need the iron and protein in your blood to reproduce. That’s why they’re so intent on biting you. Once they have your blood, they just need to find somewhere to lay eggs.
  • Mosquito breeding grounds can be anywhere with standing, stagnant water. This includes gutters, dog bowls, bird baths and containers, such as bottle caps.
  • While you can do your best to minimize stagnant water on your own property, you have no control over what your neighbors do. That’s why it’s important to have effective mosquito control.

Texoma Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control - Pest Off

Commercial buildings have a lot more variation depending on the business involved (food service, healthcare, retail, etc.) and commercial pest control companies have the experience to create custom treatment plans to account for those variations.

Because commercial pest control companies have more experience working with custom environments, they also have more experience with offering long term preventative measures. Sometimes a businesses’ building is more susceptible to pests because of its location or other residents. Those types of uncontrollable factors are taken into account by commercial pest control companies. They can offer you long term preventative solutions, such as preventative traps in and around the building.

Businesses are less likely to get bedbugs, but they’re more likely to Pest Offs like rats and cockroaches, because it’s more common to have a commercial building closer to environments (for instance, abandoned property) where those types of creatures thrive. You want to make sure you choose a company that specializes in the type of pest that’s bothering you.

Household Pest Control

Household Pest Control - Pest Off - Sherman Texas Pest Control

The homes most of us live in are fundamentally very similar to each other. That means that the pest control problem encountered by the typical homeowner tend to be similar, as well. Most pest problems found in homes can be solved using the same couple approaches every time.

Most often, homes tend to attract similar certain varieties of pests that thrive on the day to day life that goes on inside. You’re more likely to find ants, bedbugs, and termites inside of residential homes because they more commonly contain the fabric-heavy environments they prefer. While you won’t need a commercial pest control company for the typical home pest extermination, treatment and management needs, a company that offers commercial pest treatment services will have a much broader range of experience and be more likely to find more innovative solutions than the company that only provides home pest control services.

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